Baling and Wrapping – Round or Square with/out Chopper
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The film on film System helps farmers to maximise efficiency and quality as the combined use of these latest film technologies enables the production of more bales per reel, leading to higher baling throughput and lower costs. Wide film replaces the traditional net wrap, minimising forage waste and reducing environmental impact. The increased oxygen barrier means silage is preserved and quality is improved. Film on film is easier to recycle, as both films are made from the same base material, so no need to separate. We use two McHale Fusion 3 plus combi balers, we can bale and wrap in one pass and both balers can apply net or film and wrap.


Compacts bales and keep them together, mostly used on hay and straw.

Not only can we make the bales, we can move them too! With two loader tractors and trailers we are able to move all bales quickly and efficiently.

Machines & Equipment

McHale Fusion 3

Fully automatic balers with inbuilt cameras to monitor wrapper operation. 2 available plus round balers.

Claas 3200 Quadrant Baler

This baler produces a 120cm x 70cm 6-string bale in various lengths as required. It also has a knife deck that allows us to chop the crop as it is baled. It has a tandem axle and is fitted with flotation tyres and a rear-steering axle for minimal ground compaction.

McHale 998 Bale Wrapper

Can be used alongside the square baler if wrapping is required.

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