Sub-Soiling; Ploughing; Power Harrowing
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Sub-soiling can help alleviate compacted areas such as the headlands and tramlines. This is inevitably caused when machinery is repeatedly driven over fields, restricting air and water to the roots leading to crop deficiencies and reduced growth. Sub-soiling breaks up the compacted ground about a foot below the surface. This allows for better aeration of the crops roots, increased water movement and brings nutrients to the surface. Consequently, crop growth is improved and yield is increased by 4 to 5% per year.


We run a 6-furrow mounted plough and an 8-furrow semi-mounted plough to suit varying soil conditions.

Power harrowing is carried out after a field has been ploughed or sub soiled. It breaks up lumps of soil and smoothes the surface to provide a finer finish in preparation for drilling/seeding.

Machines & Equipment

Kuhn 6-furrow Plough

This vari-width plough can be altered to suit different situations and has a auto reset feature.

Gregoire Besson 8-furrow Plough

Fully adaptable, semi-mounted plough can be used on land or in furrow.

Spaldings Flatlift Subsoiler

Our subsoiler will keep going through stony and rocky areas.

Kuhn 6m Power Harrow

Kuhn 6m power harrow.

Kuhn 6m Combination Disc Drill

Without the need to power harrow beforehand, our combi disc drill makes light work of a ploughed field.

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