HTL Static Electric Crush

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The HTL Static Electric Crush is now a much admired, market leader in its field! Built in Cheshire and ergonomically designed for both cow and operator comfort, this crush is suitable for any size herd where the operator wants an easier way of handling cattle of all sizes for hooftrimming without the backache.

Designed without compromise and built in-house, the HTL Static Electric Hooftrimming Crush provides optimum cow and trimmer comfort. From the lead-in rear gates, through to the adjustable self locking head gate and with five electric hoists for legs and bellyband lift, this crush combines maximum safety with ease of use and high through-put. The over-sized, spring assisted rear rump bar ratchets down behind the cow and holds hind legs firmly, but comfortably, to ensure maximum control. The addition of a rear rump chain means this crush may also be used for AI and vet inspections.

The wide rubber bellyband folds nicely around the cow and is located to ensure a comfortable support position. The large diameter tubing on the head gate increases cow comfort and the fully opening exit means there are no obstacles for the cow to manoeuvre over on her way out.

The electric hoists have been tried and tested in the field for many years and have proven to be a reliable source for controlled load lifting. We stock a comprehensive range of spares to ensure limited down-time in the unlikely event of a breakdown.

These panels open fully to provide unrestricted access to the cow for vet inspections/procedures, clipping, mothering, etc. A drop pin ensures the panel remains in place when closed. A cost effective option that makes the crush even more versatile.

Our bubble top matting provides a more comfortable environment for the cow, as well as aiding stability, making the crush safer for cow and operator and reducing noise.

A swing arm including an additional socket allows the operator to plug in and hang their grinder up safely and move it around the crush with them. This cuts down time and reduces the trip hazard of dangerous trailing wires.

Contrary to belief, these boards are not to stabilise the crush! These boards add width to the crush, so when cows are entering the crush and being trimmed, they are prevented from stepping outside and unbalancing themselves.

An LED work light above each foot means you can trim any time of day and anywhere with power! Aiding visibility and increasing the operator’s safety, these work lights are a valuable option.

This is a W-shaped bar that attaches onto the back bar. It reduces movement and stops kick back, making trimming with a grinder a lot safer.

The hydraulic back bar is an independent hydraulic unit fitted to lift the back bar up to allow the cow to enter and then back down again to secure into position. The magnetic handset can be attached to either side of the crush or to the gates. It delivers optimum user comfort and speeds up cattle flow.

The hydraulic, Texas-style head gate is an independent hydraulic unit fitted to the front of the crush. It reduces time and speeds up cattle flow by allowing the user to control the opening and closing of the head gate with the simple press of a button.

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