Mowing; Grass Silaging; Crop Spraying; Tedding and Raking; High Capacity Trailers on LGP tyres
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With a mowing width of up to 9.7 metres our Krone Big M 420 enables us to mow a lot quicker than our competitors, ensuring we get the job finished when working against the weather. The Big M has the ability to swath the grass, saving time and money rowing up. All our staff are trained for the machines that they operate, most with manufacturers training and all certified as required.


Tedding spreads the grass over the field to allow it to dry out quickly and evenly. It is an important process for those who aim to increase the dry matter content of their silage. We use a Krone 10 rotor 11m tedder for a more efficient service.

Raking is carried out after grass is mowed or tedded, it puts the grass into rows, ready to be chopped or baled. We use two Krone swadro 1400 plus 4 rotor rakes and a Krone swadro 900 twin rotor rake.

Grass chopping is carried out by our Krone Big X 700, it is a high powered forager, and with a high quality chop, we can provide the best quality silage. Together with our fleet of tractors and high capacity 16 and 20 tonne trailers, we can provide the whole service, or simply just the bits you need.

Machines & Equipment

Big M 420 Mower

Our self-propelled Big M will make light work of even the longest and thickest grass.

Krone Swadro 1400 plus

Our 4 rotor rakes have variable work widths of up to 13.5 metres. 2 rakes available.

Krone Swadro 900 Rake

Our twin rotor rake has a variable work width of up to 8.8 metres.

Krone Tedder

Krone Tedder.

Krone Big X 700

A high output chopper that produces top quality feed.

JCB 434S Loading Shovel

Fast, efficient ensiling and clamp rolling is carried out with our JCB shovel.

Stewart 16-Tonne Trailers

Our 4 trailers each have a capacity of 21m3 enabling a rapid transport from field to clamp.

Krone TX460 Trailer

Our 20-tonne trailer with a capacity of 46m3 is a great extra to speed up transportation.

Krone RX400 Forage Box

Krone RX400 Forage Box / Trailer. High capacity forage box/wagon on low ground pressure tyres.

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