Wholecrop Harvesting with Disc Header; Maize Harvesting with Processor
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Maize chopping is also carried out using our Krone Big X 700. The optimum time to harvest maize is when the dry matter content is between 30 and 35%. We use a 12 row header for high output and 144 tooth roller kernel processor to crack the grain.


Whole crop provides a feed that compliments grass and maize silage. Using our Krone Big X 700 we are able to chop the whole of the crop efficiently and accurately and crack the grain with a 166 tooth corn conditioner powers in the processing unit, we use a Krone Xdisc 620 disc header.

Machines & Equipment

Krone Big X 700

A high output chopper that produces top quality feed.

JCB 434S Loading Shovel

Fast, efficient ensiling and clamp rolling is carried out with our JCB shovel.

Stewart 16-Tonne Trailers

Our 4 trailers have a capacity of 21m3 enabling a rapid transport from field to clamp.

Krone TX460 Trailer

Our single 20-tonne trailer with a capacity of 46m3 is a great extra to speed up transportation.

Krone RX400 Forage Box

Krone RX400 Forage Box / Trailer. High capacity forage box/wagon on low ground pressure tyres.

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