Crimping, Precision Drilling, Grass Seed Sowing, Hedge Cutting, Crop Spraying
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Crimping grain offers many benefits to farmers. It produces a high value, low cost feed, which has a high nutritive value and is suitable for feeding all livestock about 3 weeks after crimping. Crimped grain is dust free and fits well in liquid feeding systems. We can crimp grain maize and beans. Grain is harvested 2-3 weeks earlier than usual, when yellow in colour. This is when the grains energy and protein content are at their highest. The earlier harvested grain is softer and larger in size than an older grain and should have a moisture content of 30-40%. We can offer crimping with or without additive including maxomon/home and dry. We can apply additive through a mixing chamber as the grain exits the mill, saving re-handling.


Drilling is carried out with machines that are fitted with RTK GPS for 3cm accuracy to minimise overlap and ensure the most cost effective production of crops. Fertiliser can applied with some seeds, giving the seeds the best chance of healthy growth. Seed rate can be altered dependant on the customers’ requirements.

Grass seed sowing is carried out on power harrowed soil with an air seeder mounted on a 6m spring tine harrow.

We offer a flail hedge cutting service for farms, estates, equestrian centres etc, providing there is access for a tractor. Hedge cutting is essential in keeping areas looking tidy. An overgrown hedge will minimise the area that crops will grow, leading to wastage. An overgrown road hedge will be a danger to motorists and other road users. Please bear in mind that we are not legally allowed to carry out hedge cutting work from March through to September, to allow for birds nesting.

With a 24m mounted sprayer boom we can spray all your crops. All operators are fully trained, qualified and insured to use dangerous substances safely and effectively.


Machines & Equipment

McConnel PA600 Hedge Cutter

A heavy duty hedge cutter with a reach of 6m.

Knight 24m Sprayer

We have 2 drivers who are licensed in the application of pesticides (includes section control).

Superior S22 Grain Crimper

With applicator for Home & Dry, Maxxum or liquid additive and a 3-tonne loading hopper.

Kuhn 3m Combination Disc Drill

Without the need to power harrow beforehand, our combi disc drill makes light work of a ploughed field.

Kverneland 8-row Disc Drill

With full section control and fertiliser application as an option.

KRM 6m Grass Air Seeder

KRM 6m grass air seeder.

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