Slurry & Muck

Rear Discharge Muck Spreading; Umbilical Pumping; Vacci-Tanking with Splash-Plate, Injector or Trailing Shoe
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Slurry application including cow slurry, pig slurry, digestate and dairy waste (creamery washings and wastes) can all be handled by our Umbilical and tanker systems. Our 3000G vacuum tanker is the ideal solution for applying slurry in fields further away from the farm. They have the option to be spread via splash plate, trailing shoe or injector. Umbilical systems provide time effective spreading of slurry on fields closer to the farm and can also be used with either a dribble bar or splash plate. Application rates can be achieved and monitored through the flow monitoring/field mapping systems. This ensures an even spread and accurate recording of how much has been used.


The trailing shoe is mainly used on grassland for applying slurry below the leaf. Odour from the slurry is significantly reduced, with a reduction in contamination of the plant leaves, the trailing shoe system can be incorporated into a rotational grazing system, slurry can be applied after grazing without compromising future grazing. The trailing shoe can be used as part of an umbilical system or tanker mounted.

The injector is used on grassland and arable land for applying slurry below the surface of the field. This ensures an even spread over the whole field, and reduces run off. Injecting is the most efficient method of spreading slurry in terms of ensuring the maximum amount of nutrients are applied to the land, reducing the need for expensive artificial fertilisers.

The slurry is forced under pressure through a nozzle, onto a plate to increase the sideways spread. Slurry is spread in tiny droplets through the air and onto the field. This system relies on being absorbed by the ground, as it is only applied to the surface.

Solid and semi-solid muck can be spread using our 14T and 17T rear discharge muck spreaders and 3000 gallon shelbourne dual spreader for sloppy muck. These can be used alongside each other as well as our JCB 434 shovel to ensure a fast and efficient loading of the spreaders.


Machines & Equipment

3000G Abbey tanker

On LGP tyres and available with splash plate or 7m trailing shoe.

Umbilical Pumping system

Available for use with Vogelsang 12m dribble bar or 12m splash plate.

Rowland Muck Spreaders

14 & 17 tonne.

JCB 434S loading shovel

Available for use alongside our muck spreaders.

Claas Xerion 3800 TRAC VC

Claas Xerion 3800 TRAC VC.

John Deere 6210R

John Deere 6210R. 2 available.

John Deere 6215R

John Deere 6215R.

Case Puma 185

Case Puma 185.

New Holland 7060 / T7.250

New Holland 7060 / T7.250.

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